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of america saw the document but did not show us they did any analysis to make up for merrill commissions. on the contrary, the evidence we have suggests that bank of america pulled a number out of thin air. far from being consistent with the actual experience of october or what they knew about the third quarter, the guess, wistfully assumed that the markets for collateralized debt obligation and credit default swaps would be significantly better in november and december. it was assumed that merrill lynch would almost break even for november. then the attorneys at bank of america went to work. they did not question the financial information they were given. . e financial information they were given. they begin with the assumption additional shareholder disclosure was necessary and they discussed what kind of exposure they would make but after studying the question for a week they decided the news was not sufficiently out of line from past performance than previous disclosures to warrant further shareholder disclosure. the sunmaid icuf council bank of america did not make any further discl
will start off asking your reaction to comments by columnist who asks, could america go broke? the number -- host: you can reach us at twitter, c-spanwj is how you can do that. and you can e-mail us, it and if you have called any of the c-span program in the last 30 days give someone else a chance. first, a look at the legislative business of the week. health care legislation gets teed up in the house. the front-page headline of "roll call." they write getting to the vote will require leaders to hurtle hangups over abortion and immigration language, moderates gripes on the overall cost of the bill, liberal demands for symbolic votes and their preferred provisions. also an unknown are re of parochial concerns. writing about the legislation coming up. host: that sent "will call." we will talk about this week and next week -- but our question this morning is more broadly on spending, based on a column that "could america go broke?" he writes this morning that the idea of a major advance country would default on its debt -- host: we will get more comments from this column
the federal government's role in the bank of america/merrill lynch murder of 2008. live coverage from the house oversight committee begins at 10:00 on cspan 3. later in the day, a look at the u.s. response to the h1n1 flu virus. the senate, and security department -- the senate homeland security department will look at the government role. president barack obama continues his asia trip. he met with met withhu jintao and the two leaders spoke about relations between the two countries. topics included all the major issues of the day. this is from china's state-run television. >> i would like to extend a warm welcome to proceed on his state visit. welcome to china. i had a very good talk with president barack obama. the two sides hadn't in-depth exchange of views on how to further financial relationship and our major regional and international issues of shared interests. the two sides reached broad, important agreements. the talks were candid, constructive, and very fruitful. both president barack obama and i believe that the international situation at present continues to undergo profou
dedicated funding to cover all of new york city's added security costs? >> i think that is fair. america was attack on september the 11th. that was of national consequence. although the trial will be hosted in new york, it seems to me that new york should not bear the burden alone. this is a national -- >> so you will recommend, and i presume, fight for these funds from omb which we know sometimes has other things on its mind. >> with your help -- >> you have my full and undivided help. i just don't want mayor bloomberg, the commissioner. they didn't make the decision, but they stepped up to the plate and willingly agreed. i don't think either they or new york city, new york state should be left hanging out there paying any of the costs of this, and i take it you fully agree with that. >> i don't disagree with that at all. >> okay. second question, and just one other thing on this. there may be other costs that we can't envision, and i take it we're wanot going to find someby saying this wasn't in an original application or on an original request. i take it there will be flexibility and
, may god bless our soldiers, families, and the united states of america. [applause] >> ladies and gentleman, the chief of staff of the army, general george casey. >> good afternoon. president and mrs. obama, governor perry, governor doyle, secretary gates, secretary shinseki, many distinguished members of congress from the state of texas and across the country, secretary of the army john mchugh, admiral and mrs. mcmullen, families and friends -- it is a tradition in our special operations units to go to the book of isaiah went eulogizing fallen comrades. proud of their willingness to accept any challenge for this country, at the funeral they read," then i heard the voice of the lord saying, "whom shall i send? and who will go for us? then i said," here i am, send me." this passage conveys the sentiment that applies to every member of our army. it gives voice to a spirit of service that lives in every soldier. it is a spirit we saw in the 30 soldiers who gave their lives here, men and women who believe in the values and ideals this country stands for and men and women who willi
first? caller: i'm concerned about jobs in america. we have two parties. the republican party, supporting free trade to send all our jobs offshore. the democratic party supports bringing illegal immigrants into the country to take whatever jobs are left. whichever party we are voting for, we are destroying the economy of the united states. this election is going to be interesting to see just tell the public is feeling. host: which races are you watching? caller: it is a foregone conclusion that virginia and creigh deeds ran a terrible campaign. the new york 23rd is traditionally a republican district. it will almost certainly go republican. a democrat has not won since 1850. corzine is a wall streeter. host: you would not bit surprised if corzine loses? the president has been there five times to campaign for him? the >> people are concerned about the tax rates in new jersey. -- caller: people are concerned about the tax rates in new jersey. they're not happy with corzine's leadership. host: let's hear from a voter voting in today's new york city mayor's race. who are you going
's the challenge that they have. >> let's get one in from over here. >> patrick grayson, from q.p.w. america is bearing an enormous burden in the region and can you give us a frank appraisal of the contribution, the role, the performance of your allies in the region? >> yeah. first of all, i very much subscribe to i think it was winston churchill's comment that the only thing worse than allies is having no allies. and we really don't want to go it alone. we need the power of as many coalition partners as we can. and in fact, sometimes you -- you take some limitations because of that. people think that afghanistan is the first place where forces have caveats on them. not so at all. there have always been limitations. and the employment of various national forces. when i was in bosnia as the chief of operations for the effort there, i had a matrix on my desk. and had down the left side it was the country's. and then across the top, it was different tasks and functions and missions. and who would do them? some in their own area, some in their parent division area, and then the rest throughout t
for america, bad for iraq. we have seen 1.5 million iraqi refugees. a quarter of a million syrians refugees. when they were bombarding lebanon in 2006, 625,000 lebanese refugees fled into syria. we are overwhelmed by this crisis. we pleaded with the bush administration, don't go and start yet another war in our region, yet another crisis in our region. today according to the united nations there are 4.2 million iraqi refugees displaced in our region. this is the largest exodus in the history of mankind. it's a tragic thing that has befallen iraq. it's bad for america, it's bad for syria, it's bad for everybody. this is what i'm saying. >> one point here which is remember what you just did in here. general odierno did not say, did not accuse the government of saudi arabia or jordan or turkey, all of whom have very long borders with serious -- with iraq, did not accuse the government of stopping the flow of jihadia. he accused one government and that the government of syria. >> i present official government. we are working with the government of the united states of america on security. secon
the race for subsidies and giving incentives to reduce barriers to trade between europe and america. please, do let us jointly work for a global economic order that is in the interest of both america and europe. ladies and gentlemen, the global challenges can only be met by comprehensive international cooperation. it's also true for the third great task we need to stand in the 21st century. the war that seemingly separates the present and the future. this war prevents us from doing what is urgently necessary to preserve the basis of our very life and climate. we can already see now where this wasteful attitude falls. icebergs are falling in the artic. the global sea level is rising. i am satellited to note that president obama and you in your daily -- i am delighted to note that president obama and you in your daily work know that the climate is important in your daily task. of new technologies offers great opportunities for growth and innovative jobs. and innovative jobs. . no doubt about it, in december the world will look to us, to theure peaians and to the americans. and it is true ther
the votes, just cram down these people's throats and that is just so not america. host: next is in bowling green, ky. the democrats' line appeared caller: -- the democrats' line. caller: whole lots -- on a lot to say. you can hear me? the ability of hatred that i see in the republican people -- it almost scared me. i live behind the graveyard. i sit here by myself and i watch to be a lot. unfortunately too much. i can't see to walk or talk -- or drive, i need. but i do see and listen to you people all lot, too much. but i say hey -- hatred, so much, you sweet christians around here, you are not. you've got huge churches. you've got lots of people who want to get rid of people but you've got nobody with love for anybody it seems, except your pocket. i'm just one of nothing. have a good day. host: the aarp notice on "usa today" likely to back health care proposal, and board for democratic leaders. it said the announcements of the group is expected thursday. it says here that steny hoyer, majority leader, we're counting. final call on this discussion -- we will have more later with a member o
the house prove differently. the affordable health care for america act is a piece of legislation that will provide security and stability for americans who have insurance, affordable options for those who do not, and bring down costs while strengthening the financial health of medicare. it is legislation that is fully paid for and will reduce the long-term federal deficit. given the heated and often misleading rhetoric surrounding this legislation i know this was a courageous vote for many members of congress. i am grateful to them and to the rest of their colleagues for taking us this far. more importantly, so are many millions of americans whose lives will change when we achieve insurance reform. host: the president was on capitol hill prior to the passage. how active a role has he taken on the senate side, or his close advisers liked rahm emanuel guest: emanuel has been more in the forefront in will go to the hill. he knows a lot of the names and faces. my sense is that the president did not realize, as many from both parties did not, how big a fight this would be. earlier in
i would be willing to pay more taxes so that everyone can have health care insurance in america. i have never heard anybody connected health care to the economy. if you have got health care, then at least you can, you know, get yourself taking care of, instead of spending all your money trying to pay doctors' bills, hospital bills and all of that, filing for bankruptcy. host: thank you for calling. this particular viewer does not mind a tax increase. give us the scope of the discussion right now about cost. those all importance cbo numbers are coming in soon. >> correct. on the cost issue, it remains to be seen what people would be willing to pay additionally. it is certainly true that they are concerned about the possibility of having to pay more. the caller just now mentioned pre-existing conditions. doing away with the denial of coverage on the account of people's health problems is one of the most popular issues in the overall health-care overhaul. 80% of the public supports that. in our poll we asked people what it's doing away with pre- existing condition the niles causes pre
in america, spreading our own impact. using and trying cut down the trade deficit and using that in some way to spread more moral for the healthcare. for the people. and somehow that the task is not that it's not simple. a tax free code that can be implemented across the board in something like we say, 5 point 1 percent. this kind of code can be equally spread out at even the upper class. the bill class and the lower class should be able to get the same tax free code in that percentage rate. alls i'm trying say here, i believe in president barack obama. i know that the president percentage is down. i know that the american people need an aid for healthcare but america needs to think about the elderly. host: this from laura. i graduated during the reagan depression. that's what the exert said but i had nothing to look for example september more reagan. also from this mornings opinion page on the "wall street journal". ing on the and cheek. ken strauss wanted a national jobs are. employer. democratic party. crisis management. complex mathematics. mental health professionals start right now. r
of the work of their letter carriers that go to every home and business in america six days a week, by far, they are the highest rated federal agency that we have in america today. they do the best jobs. i think it would be a mis targeting of our problems to solve those problems. we need to change their structure. i was wondering -- there have been a few things mentioned today about allowing the post office, through the postal accountability and an instant act, to branch out into these other areas. i know there is some apprehension in competing with the private sector. there are some areas, specifically the idea about the postal service taking over major responsibilities from the census. the post office already, through the mail handlers and the letter carriers, they go into every home and business in america already. that is basically what the census does. it tracks the population most effectively through those home visits. have you looked at any of that so it would the government taken over government work to do it more efficiently for the taxpayer? have we looked at any of that or have
. >> this gentleman here. >> i am from voice of america. first of all, i would say that afghanistan taliban and pakistani taliban, both are a creation isi. afghanistan is a project of pakistan that even the western countries are drawn into it for the longer interests of pakistan. and for the united states strategy towards afghanistan, many afghans are complaining because they are not consulted about their future and how the strategy can work. there is afghan parliament and there are many groups in afghanistan, not only in afghanistan but even in washington that can be consulted in some parts of the strategy. the other issue is the pacification of about isi. -- of isi. how can they not be punished or pressurized because of their long-term objectives that they have for afghanistan and even central asia? thank you. >> i have one comment which is on the pakistan question, which i think takes off partly from one gilles dorronsoro said. it is the question of leverage over pakistan. i am not saying is what should be done, but right now pakistan has it both ways, because we are operating in afghani
guest this hour is brigadier general wilma vaught, president of women in military service for america memorial foundation. >> thanks for joining me. >> it's a pleasure. >> what's the significance of the women in military service for america foundation? >> memorial foundation. >> it's the only mental motherally that pays tribute to women of all eras who have served in our nation's armed forces. further, it's unique in the world. there isn't anyplace else that has a memorial like this, honoring the women who served the nation. >> and women have been participating in wars forever. >> you're right, back to deborah. >> most definitely. >> and so when we get to the memorial, what will we find? this. >> you will find a place with an exterior and an interior. we built and education center. our feeling was that people didn't know anything about what women had done. >> correct. >> we needed to tell this story. we did the education center. inside the education center, you will find exhibits giving a chronology of women's service with artifacts from those different periods of time. then we show f
the luckiest bird in america. the north carolina turkey has been chosen to be granted a pardon by the president. the turkey and its owners will be flown to the white house for the annual ceremony and then often to disneyland for a vacation where courage will be the grand marshal of a parade. because that won't be stressful because that's normal for a turkey. 35 minutes past the hour. ok okay. let's find out how your day is tuesday. i know a lot of you are leaving for your trips on wednesday and you have a lot to get done today. hi, bob. >>> it's a big travel day, too, talking about tuesday before thanksgiving. it's huge. here is what it looks like. some major cities where the weather will be a hampering factor for you especially at the airport. we had the rain right now, pockets of it, eastern parts of p.a., and into new york state. more showers out there, too. more around philadelphia and in towards the jersey side. you get into new york city with your metro radar, you're dry from manhattan now but down to the south a pocket of rain around point pleasant beach moves up to the north. showers co
.c. cameras have followed the couple to several parties including the america's polo cup, part of a series of polo tournaments they found add few years ago. bravo declined to comment. however, they did not. she even comments about that polo tournament on her facebook page. >> wow. richard, i think there will be a little more to discuss about this for sure. >>> some baby squirrels without a mom have found their patron saint. >> they need to be -- they're wild animals, they need to be wild. >> but one of the orphans just won't leave. wait until you hear what he did when her family went on vacation new for you in the next 30 minutes. so cute. everyone's like, aw. >>> all right, the black friday deals get started earlier than ever. believe it or not some people are lining up to get the best deals. this sounds crazy to me. that means they're not going to be home for thanksgiving. >>> no, i guess snuggled up in their sleeping bags and hovering in their tenlts waiting to get great deal tomorrow morning. some people have been in line already for more than 24 hours like these people here outside of
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)